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Farm Manager Position Available!

Unadilla Community Farm is now hiring a paid farm manager for the 2017 season!

The position would run from May-August, with the option of staying longer if desired. You would receive room & board in exchange for 30 hrs/wk (like our volunteering program), plus a stipend of $250 a month, in recognition of the added level of responsibility. You would be tasked with leading teams of volunteers to agricultural victory on a daily basis, including tending seedlings in our greenhouse; planting out; mulching; weeding; watering; harvesting; etc. There will be some heavy lifting involved, so bring a strong back and a strong mind.

If you'd like to apply for the position, please contact us and let us know!  

Volunteering Program (May - October):

2017 is our fourth season welcoming volunteers at Unadilla Community Farm. We host volunteers with all levels of experience, with a dedicated work ethic, open mind, commitment to sustainability, and desire to learn together as a community how we can forge a new life independent of mainstream consumer culture. See our Projects page for ongoing projects and goals.

  • Volunteers, like co-op members, work 30 hours per week (typically 6 hours per day, 5 days/week). 
  • We require a 1 month minimum stay for volunteers.
  • Volunteers are provided all meals, which are typically cooked and eaten communally.
  • We eat vegan/vegetarian food. We grow our own vegetables and herbs in the summer months. The cooperative's funds are used to purchase additional food staples. We are currently part of a local buyer's club, which enables us to purchase American-grown bulk grains, beans, pasta, nuts, dried fruit, spices, etc. at a wholesale discount. We take care of free-range chickens for those who wish to eat eggs.
  • Please, no sugar, meat, alcohol, tobacco, or drugs on the property.
  • We are still in the process of constructing our dwellings. For the 2017 season, our dwelling options include: staying in our newly built tiny home that can sleep up to 2 people, staying in the two upstairs lofts of our unheated barn, or various tent platforms and camp spots around the property (please bring your own tent/hammock, bedding, etc.). 
  • We do not currently have electricity, running water, or permanent structures. We have a double-burner propane camp stove that we use for cooking. We have a screened-in dining tent with a dining table and chairs, as well as a covered kitchen tent with the stove, sink, and cabinet containing food, dishes, and kitchen utensils. All of our food is stored in sealed, animal-proof plastic bins.
  • Our property is adjacent to a creek and a river, where we bathe.
  • We have an outdoor compost toilet and we provide toilet paper. 
  • We don't have wifi and we encourage the limited use of technology in order to increase consciousness of others and the natural environment. Cell phone reception is good with Verizon though. The towns of Edmeston and West Winfield are each 10 minutes away and we usually take weekly trips to the town library to use the internet and charge cell phones. 
  • We also occasionally make trips into town to go to museums, cafes, grocery stores, or get needed supplies.
  • Volunteers will have the option of applying for membership in the cooperative after 1 season of work.

See our Contact page if you are interested in getting involved! 

The newly-built tiny home on wheels!

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