Internship Program

Internship Program (May - September):

2018 is our fifth season welcoming interns at Unadilla Community Farm. We host interns with all levels of experience, with a dedicated work ethic, open mind, commitment to sustainability, and desire to learn together as a community how we can forge a new life independent of mainstream consumer culture. See our Projects page for ongoing projects and goals.

Interns will gain hands-on experience in organic gardening, natural building, and food preservation. We are seeking interns interested in learning to support ourselves by growing our own organic produce, utilizing natural building methods to construct our barn and dwelling structures, making our own household products like soap and shampoo, reviving traditional agricultural and lifestyle practices, and living in community.

We offer monthly workshops for our interns throughout the season, such as soap making, lotions and salves, compost building, food preservation 101 (including canning, fermentation, and dehydration), and gourd craft.
  • Interns work 30 hours per week (6 hours/day, 5 days/week) in exchange for room and board. We ask interns to commit to a 1 month minimum stay. 
  • Sleeping accommodations include 2 unheated barn loft bedrooms, and 2 large tents on platforms, or you are welcome to pitch your own tent on various tent platforms and camp spots around the property. 
  • All organic vegetarian/vegan meals are provided, and typically eaten communally.
  • We have both indoor and outdoor kitchens, and indoor and outdoor compost toilets. We do not have electricity, and instead use solar lanterns after dark. We use a high-quality, carbon filtration system (the Berkey) to filter rainwater and spring-fed creek water for drinking. 
  • Cell phone reception is excellent with Verizon. We don't have wifi, but we take weekly trips to town to use the internet. At least once a month, we take our interns on off-farm excursions, such as to the Cooperstown Farmers' Museum, historic Fly Creek Cider Mill, Otsego County Fair, craft fairs, demolition derbies, and off-site natural building workshops. 

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