Mission Statement: To provide a space for the teaching and practice of sustainable skills.

Providing a space: This is what Unadilla Community Farm is all about, on the most basic level. For its founders, the farm will provide a space that we can finally call our own, a space where we can pour our creative energies and manifest our common vision of a sustainable community. For interns and visitors, the farm will provide a space that is free from the stresses of mainstream society, where they can participate in and learn about an alternative way of life.

Teaching and practice: Unadilla Community Farm is more than an organic farm, it's a place where we can all grow as individuals. It's a place for sharing knowledge through the products we sell, and through events, workshops, and our internship program. It gives us the opportunity to put our skills into practice, to develop a way of life that resonates with our ideals. This way we're always experimenting, always learning, and through our example we're teaching others as well.

Sustainable Skills: Sustainability is our common ideal, guiding us in all of our actions. It's the ability to look beyond our immediate desires, to look deeper inside ourselves, farther into the future, and consider the long-term implications of our actions. Our main concern is the enduring well-being of everyone and everything on the planet. What our work is all about is developing and sharing skills that move us towards this ideal. Whether we're developing skills related to off-the-grid homesteading, organic farming, natural building, artisanal crafts, or holistic health, sustainability is the common ideal.