This season, Ben will be on the property full time, and four other members (Amelie, Greta, Roberto, and Doug) will be joining us for parts of the season. As always, we are currently seeking out volunteers to come stay with us and help out with the project. We are also now hiring a paid farm manager for the 2017 season - contact us and let us know if you're interested!

2017 Goals:

  • Finish installing our new rainwater-fed irrigation system, with supplemental ram pump. Now that the cedar shingle roof of the barn is done, it's time to start putting all of that rainwater to use! During the 2017 season, we'll be building big sturdy racks in our barn to hold the rainwater cisterns; gutters and rainwater catchment system to filter out debris and carry rainwater to the cisterns; and irrigation lines to carry the water to our raised beds, row crops, and orchard.
  • Expand our farming operation with additional raised beds, tilled rows, and fruit trees. This spring we'll be building and planting 12 additional raised beds; tilling new rows; and planting 10 or so more fruit trees, including mulberries, apricots, hazelberts, and persimmons.
  • Add a deer-proof fence around our orchard. For the past three years, we have been staking and netting our fruit trees individually. But in 2017, we will be passing the one hundred mark - that's a lot of trees! We think it's finally time to fence in the entire orchard. 
  • Add stonework with a lime mortar to the walls of the barn. The next step for our barn is to mask off the rammed tire stem wall with a stone fascia, done with a lime mortar.


 Typical day-to-day tasks:

  • Cooking communal vegetarian/vegan meals: we consider our farm to be "vegan plus eggs." We grow all of our own organic vegetables, and collect organic eggs from our hens. We also forage on the property, and we love to showcase the different wild foods that are available throughout the year. We also cook with bulk organic staples like brown rice, whole wheat pasta, millet, lentils, dry beans, oats, raisins, etc. Interested volunteers are welcome to help us harvest and prepare our meals.
  • Caring for our chickens: this involves feeding, collecting eggs, cleaning out the coop, and doing occasional maintenance on the coop.
  • Gardening/landscape work: it all begins when we start our seedlings in our greenhouse and cold frames, early in the year. We then prep raised beds and till rows, plant out our seedlings, water, weed, mulch, care for our fruit trees, keep the lawn mowed, and harvest and process herbs and vegetables. Halfway through the summer, we convert our greenhouse into a drying room for both wild and cultivated herbs.
  • Natural building work: in previous years, our members and volunteers have participated in rammed tire construction; traditional timber framing; use of both hand and power tools; and heavy lifting. In 2017, we'll be doing more carpentry work; installing a rainwater-fed irrigation system; building and installing a ram pump; and building a stone wall with a lime mortar.


Completed Projects:

  • Put in a 600 ft gravel driveway
  • Laid the rammed tire foundation and raised platform for the barn, completed the timber frame and finished the white cedar staggered shingle roof
  • Built mobile tiny home 
  • Planted 150+ fruit trees and berry bushes: sea buckthorn, apples, pears, peaches, plums, cherries, apricots, mulberries, blackberries, raspberries, gooseberries, blueberries, aronia berry, and black walnut
  • Tilled guilds around our trees to use as vegetable/herb garden beds
  • Installed 4 raised beds
  • Built greenhouse and 3 cold frames 

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